We started out with one shipping method which was Sendbox. Sendbox aggregates shipping service providers and provides an easy way to automate your shipping with just a couple of clicks, however, based on popular demand, we have created even more shipping methods that put you in control and gives your customers even more options.

We are excited to announce the Custom Shipping rates feature that allows you to add specific States, cities, and corresponding delivery rates to these locations.

How do you enable this feature on your Seller dashboard?

With the Custom Shipping rate, you can now add the shipping cost to customers' orders at checkout using the Standard shipping method. Here’s how to enable this in your dashboard.

  1. Login to your dashboard

  2. Navigate to Shipping on the left sidebar

  3. Toggle the button to Enable ‘Standard Shipping’

  4. Click ‘Standard Shipping’ on the right side of your dashboard.

  5. Click the ‘Add New Rate’ button.

  6. Select State from the first drop down and Cities from the second drop-down and type in the rate in the third box.

  • Note that you can group multiple Cities under one State only if they share the same shipping rate. However, for cities with varying shipping rates, click ‘Add New Rate’

  • Repeat this for all States and Cities where you ship to.

7. Click Save changes.

How does this work for your customers?

Once the locations and rates have been enabled and customized on your dashboard, they will be displayed to Merchants whose delivery address matches your delivery location at Checkout.

Standard delivery will only be available to Customers whose location matches the locations you have preset on your dashboard. For example, If Lekki, Lagos was not added as one of your delivery locations on your dashboard, customers who enter Lekki, Lagos as their location will not be able to select standard delivery.

The delivery fee will be added to the total cost to be paid by the customer.

Note that other delivery methods, Sendbox and Pick Up are still available on your store and can be disabled or enabled from your dashboard.

Need further assistance? Email us at support@seller.ng, we are on standby to walk you through!

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